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Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems.

MWI: Influence of mobile technology in transportation management

Today, mobile technology has a significant part in the supply chain for goods and continues to evolve throughout the years. To handle the supply chain more effectively, many transportation personnel and logistics are now using multiple and commercial-grade mobile devices.

Several businesses opt to use mobile technology to provide better services. To drive efficiencies and develop competitive advantage, some big companies invested in mobile technology over the last few decades.

MWI Singapore determines the trends that have an impact on the transportation industry. Every shipper and logistic professional should take note of the following:

The first on the list is wireless solutions. One of the known organizations in Asia that provide advanced mobile and wireless solutions for customers is MWI Singapore. But aside from the said organization, other companies are also using wireless solutions to help shippers achieve efficiency and transparency.

Secondly, it’s about the end user driving the mobile market. Providers should create mobile-enabled equipment and interesting and practical mobile versions of their applications for end users that has visibility over the entire supply chain.

Third is having the individual worker in mind. Many vendors are now working to separate their devices from the standard assembly-line applications. Shippers are taking more time to match the right user with the right device, data, and applications they need to do a more efficient job.

And lastly, a stronger communication across the supply chain. An improved customer service has been evident in the transportation industry this past decade along with the remarkable growth in the cost, speed and reliability of mobile communications networks. Better customer service is made possible because of the higher levels of communication and collaboration.

MWI Consultants Singapore can see more great advancements in the field of mobile technology in the future. Not surprisingly, smartphones are replacing ruggedized devices in the supply chain and a lot of shippers are now choosing mobile solutions over their “manual” comfort zones.

Mobile solutions provide a lot of benefits to users such as tracking and trading shipments, getting rate quotes and receiving shipment notifications. One of the products of MWI Consultants Singapore can be an example of this, it is called Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS), which allow users to manage day-to-day operations by tracking the fleet on the roads. MWI also offers consulting services as well as project management services.

Different businesses can now experience the advantage of continuous connectivity given by mobile technology. No wonder MWI Consulting continues to design and create state-of-the-art mobile and wireless solutions that can provide better services to a lot of people.