Metropolitan Wireless International

Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems.

MWI Singapore’s Unified Message Switch (UMS)

Business professionals seek efficient and versatile means of operating and reaching out to their customers using the new IT media. Innovations in IT have provided excellent solutions tailor-fitted to the specific requirements of various industries. MWIs UMS provides these solutions through an integrated, unified communications infrastructure that incorporates all the communications facilities individuals and businesses need.

One positive aspect of this system is the full utilization of video capability in tandem with other media capabilities, such voice and instant messaging. This allows efficient use of each specific component while interphasing with the other components for full applicability. For instance, UMS allows high-definition teleconferencing among professionals to facilitate business operations.

Companies utilizing video can maximize productivity when this tool is closely integrated in a unified and consistent way with their communications infrastructure, minimizing management overhead, allowing consistent user experiences over various devices, providing higher quality of service and easier integration into their business systems. This seamless facility enables a simple and easy use of communication links among a company’s staff, as well as with customers.

MWI Consultants will furnish proof of the effectiveness of the UMS system through presentation of the rate of return and customer testimonies showing the real benefits of the system to actual business applications. The company’s ten years of experience in the field of communication, and unified communications, in particular, provide assurance to prospective users of the system that leads to ease of operating and enhancing productivity and coordination.

The various innovations in IT will continue to push the capability of businesses to keep in step with the dynamic requirements of developing communities throughout the world. As such, MWI sees the need to upgrade and fine-tune the applicability of UMS to a wider range of uses. We will certainly see more innovations and adaptations in this vital development in the IT highway.